Camera reverts when starting up again.

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When I logged in this morning, after having shut down last night, and the camera settings I made yesterday had reverted to the weird ones(rotates about the Y axis, and no fixed pivot)from the push yesterday morning. My settings did not hold.

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There are many settings in General Options (Ctrl+T, or in the "Menu Menu" under the Foldit logo) that used to be kept when closing and restarting a game client, but that are now lost:

  • in Game/UI, only "Tooltips" is persistent, all other settings are lost when the client is closed.
  • in Controls, Switch right/middle mouse for Actions is kept, the others are reset. As far as I have checked, the Keyboard Shortcuts will survive a restart.

This has made "Disable non-group chat" totally useless: it will only take effect after a restart, but by that time it is unchecked again!

Other points that have changed, for reasons that I do not see:

  • When I click on Beavior Options Menu (or press Alt+B), it will appear where I left it the last time, but in the Selection interface it would automatically show up when I had it on the screen.
  • The opposite is true for the Tracks panel: in Selection Interface I would have to re-open it after each restart, but now it remembers its state and position.
  • The Small Molecule Design panel is shown, even after a restart, and even when I open a non-Ligand puzzle.

And then there's different ways to Pan and Zoom, which appear inconsistent to me.

With Switch right/middle mouse for Camera unchecked (the default after each restart), I can do the following:

  • Left Drag: on background = rotate the view; on Move tool = rotate the protein. That makes sense.
  • Right Drag: on background (down or up) = zoom (in or out); on Move tool = move the protein (in the plane of the screen).
  • Middle Drag: on background = pan; on Move tool (down or up) = move the protein away or towards you.

Only by checking "Switch right/middle mouse for Camera", we get a situation where a Right Drag will move sideways for both camera and protein, and Middle Drag will move in or out.

Instead of using different mouse buttons, I can also use the Left button each time, and combine that with Shift or Ctrl.

  • Shift+Left Drag: same as Right Drag, above
  • Ctrl+Left Drag: same as Middle Drag, above

So, when I do not check "Switch right/middle mouse for Camera", Shift-Left Drag will shift the camera position (makes sense), but it will rotate when used on the Move tool. With "Switch right/middle mouse for Camera" checked, the actions for the camera and the Move tool are consistent, but I need Ctrl to shift, and Shift to zoom / move in or out.

I would be in favour of using Shift to shift, and Ctrl for zoom actions. But above all it needs to be consistent.

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This is related to my post Display customizations never stick.


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