New Release!

Hey everyone,

We've just released a number of fixes and features to follow the recent interface release. Lots of stuff for bindable hotkeys, some help and tooltip clarity changes, and some crash fixes. We're working on addressing more of your feedback, so we'll be following this up more updates in the near future.

Release Notes:
- Allow action menu keyboard shortcuts to be rebound in the "Configure Keyboard Shortcuts" General Options submenu.
- Make sure that user-set keyboard shortcuts take priority over default shortcuts for other actions.
- To avoid conflicts with the actions menu, the default "Restore Very Best" and "Restore Credit Best" keyboard shortcuts were changed to Ctrl+B and Ctrl+C, respectively. These can be rebound in the "Configure Keyboard Shortcuts" General Options submenu.
- Made the "Configure Keyboard Shortcuts" dialog resizable.
- Clean up some residual keyboard shortcuts from the old interfaces & cross talk from other shortcuts. (e.g. Alt+T no longer invokes wiggle.)
- Add keyboard shortcuts for the side buttons (Help/Undo/View/Behavior/Cookbook). So as not to conflict with actions, these are F1/Alt+U/Alt+V/Alt-B/Alt+C by default. These can be rebound in the "Configure Keyboard Shortcuts" general options submenu
- Allow keyboard shortcuts to be bound to View Presets, including user defined presets (as with Recipes, these start off unbound.)
- Fix bug where the Color/View Protein/View Sidechains list in More View Options did not update when keyboard shortcuts were used.
- Add the screenshot and AlphaFold panel buttons to the list of rebindable keyboard shortcuts
- Other assorted hotkey-related bug and usability fixes.
- Update Help Menu.
- The puzzle timer tooltip has been updated to refresh more often to give an better display of the puzzle expiration.
- Puzzle timer in the scoreboard now displays minutes.
- Time abbreviations have been added.
- Address issue causing crash-on-exit bugs.
- Made small molecule design more robust to certain causes of crashes.
- Address crashes in scoring for ligand design puzzles.
- Fix bug in HBond Objective
- Fixed bug where the title wasn't resizing properly (leaving it and the objective panel as only three dots).
- The Secondary Structure action has been re-enabled for level "Folding Pathway I". This will allow players to complete it as intended.
- Adding clarity for Advanced Options buttons "Reset Roles" and "DELETE ALL OFFLINE PROGRESS"
- HBNets now show which atoms are incurring penalties.
- Added a 'grid' visualization that shows distances in angstroms.

As always, a big thank you to the devprev players for helping to test this release!

(Tue, 12/21/2021 - 07:25  |  1 comment)
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Just can you find anything else than Ctrl+C ?

This is very used as "copy" when editing shares, recipes etc.

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