General overall design is needed here.

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This new design seems so far from flight-worthy it barely merits debugging at this point. I would suggest going back to the drawing board and asking some fundamental questions about what we're doing here and what is to be accomplished.

Before another line of code is written, a discussion about general principles, standards, and a consistent look and feel should take place with those that can make the tough decisions about what stays and what goes. This looks like a design by committee and everyone got his/her way. Taken one at a time, each element sort of makes sense (not really) but taken together this is just noise.

Spoiler alert: whoever designed this monster is not going to enjoy my criticism.

There are no less than seven different graphic treatments for menus and options. Please choose two or three at most and choose them for an appropriate reason such as: "Look here first".

There are:

1) squares with capital letters and graphic icons. (Here's an idea: In help menu have a list that explains the capital letters used here, i.e."K=Change to Helix") As it is the letters and numbers make no sense. They don't relate to what they stand for, not phonetically, not functionally, not logically, not structurally.

2) Green icons for cookbook, behavior options, View menus, etc. (The green goes with nothing else on this website except the green lettering of the scoreboard.)

3) Puzzle Menu, General Options, Save Solution, etc. menus hidden behind the logo. (How did these particular nine menu items come to live in the same menu?) Frankenstein menus.

4) A giant score in a previously unseen font large enough for the Queen of England to see without her spectacles. Getting tired, are we?

5) A scoreboard listing individual and team play score competitions. Why are we prohibited from seeing the entire listings?

6) a Stop clock clicking off units of something I never understood.

7) A Chat window with four possible chats.

After that almost as an afterthought is the protein itself. I pity the poor users with only a laptop screen. What's a folder to do?

Please bring all of these elements together so that one is led to believe it has a singular purpose. Each of these elements looks like it was designed individually without the existence of set standards for graphics, icons, colors, fonts, font sizes, control of the footprint, reserved space, etc.

As it is, it is unusable. It took me 45 minutes to figure out that the icon in the square marked L brought up another menu for changing structures. btw the same icon for L was what has been for eight years the Auto Structures icon, and lo and behold, Auto Structures is still used in another square in the same way.

That took me 45 minutes and I knew what I was looking for. Imagine what someone has to do who doesn't know of the structures function who wonders "How can I change a helix to a sheet?"

This design is unusable. Period.

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Thank you very much for all your feedback. We are committed to making the new user interface as useful as possible. To this extent we plan on continuing to push out bug fixes, and improvements. Also thank you for providing specific areas that are causing issues. We are keeping an updated list of issues that players have, and we take your feedback seriously. Our goal is making the gameplay experience as enjoyable as possible, and your feedback will help make that possible.


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