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I'm still trying to work my way through the Educational puzzles. Although I used to be very familiar with the controls, they are a little different now, and I'm still working my way through them.

Currently, I am trying the Educational puzzle "Folding Pathway I". There are several hints, e.g. "Toggle notes on/off using Hotkey 1" - which works and "Build secondary structures with the secondary structure tool [L]" where nothing happens when i press the L key.

Is this the way it is supposed to be? Has no one completed the Educational Puzzle yet?

I have tried to successfully complete the puzzle with a lot of Rubber Bands, but I seem to fail with the secondary structures that I can't create.

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Hi there! We were able to

Hi there! We were able to track down a bug that caused the secondary structure tool to no longer appear in "Folding Pathway I" This should be fixed in the upcoming update to the main client. Apologies for the trouble this may have caused.


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