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after ages i just started Foldit again these Days and played thourgh the new Education Puzzle to get bit mor comfortable with the new Look and Feel.

I noticed that in the Section "Forming Tertiary Structure", in Lesson "Hydrophobic Disaster" there is a typo in the first Bubble.

It is stated there that "hydrophobic amino acids are orange and hydrophobic amino acids are blue"...

Shoudn't that be changed?



Edit says: Sorry, I wanted to add a Screenshot but the Add Image Assistant says: "Unable to create scaled Thumbnail Image. The selected File game/var/www/lighttpd/portal cannot be copied.

And hum... 2nd Edit says: Foldit again crashed and closed unexpectedly... The 3rd time today during the Intro puzzles. :sad:

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Thank you!

Thank you so much for reporting this, aendgraend!

Our apologies for the crashes. If there is anything useful in the log.txt, that would be great!

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I can send you the comlete

I can send you the comlete File or an extract of it. Should i post it in here?

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#bugs and feedback is the easy way

The #bugs-and-feedback on the Foldit Discord server is the easiest way to upload log.txt or similar files.

There's a Discord link on the front page (fold.it) to get started.

In Discord, you can upload a file by just opening the #bugs-and-feedback channel, and dragging the file there.

Over here, uploading is a little trickier. Here in the forum area, you can't attach files, so no log.txt.

You can attach files in the feedback area, but they must be in a reply. So you must open a new feedback, then create a reply containing your file.

Uploading images to fold.it have been broken for a long time. The "game/var/www/lighttpd/portal" message is familiar.

A new Foldit website is in development. It may fix image upload and other problems.

Discord is good about images and other file types.

If Discord isn't an option for some reason, you can copy just the "traceback" lines at the end of log.txt and a few preceding lines, and paste them in here.

In a best case scenario, the traceback lines look something like this:

****** Encountered Crash at Unknown File:0
Unknown Exception
  1: interactive::application::shared::ToolActionBridgeMixin::create_and_launch_bridge_action +64 bytes (no line)
  2: interactive::application::tools::SelectionTool::motion_callback +151 bytes (no line)
  3: interactive::util::detail::checked_fxn_wrapper,
interactive::util::access_ptr)>::operator() &,interactive::poseview::NewMotionControlGeom * &,
bool (__thiscall interactive::application::tools::SelectionTool::*)(interactive::util::owning_ptr,interactive::util::access_ptr),0> +110 bytes (no line)
  4: boost::detail::function::function_obj_invoker3,interactive::util::access_ptr)>,boost::_bi::list3
>,boost::_bi::value > >,bool,numeric::xyzVector const &,numeric::xyzVector const &,double>::invoke +38 bytes (no line)
  5: boost::function3 const &,numeric::xyzVector const &,double>::operator() +139 bytes (no line)
  6: interactive::poseview::NewMotionControlGeom::do_z_rot +975 bytes (no line)

I added the html tags <pre> before and </pre> after those lines to make them a little easier to read.

The traceback information isn't always present after a crash, or it may contain "no symbol" errors.

(Edit: broke up some long lines....)


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