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Opened on:Wednesday, December 15, 2021 - 18:35
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I have 2 clients running a puzzle (current revisit)

The time to end is different by over a day between them. one says 2d 21hr...the other says 1d 4hr. neither of these times are correct.

Just saying

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Hi frood2IRC. Just a couple of questions to help me track this down.

1) What update group are you using?
2) Where are you seeing the discrepancy? As in, are you seeing the time difference in the puzzle selection menu, or tooltip text when you hover over the title?

We located a bug causing the tooltip to not update the puzzle expiration correctly in the main client, but this should be fixed in the latest release of devprev.

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Hey Sciren

thx for response.

I am on current standard client - not devprev
The issue is with the in game tooltip.

Appears U have it covered already. :)


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