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Topic:Developer Preview
Opened by:Bletchley Park
Opened on:Sunday, November 28, 2021 - 16:19
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- ALT-t does NOT open the track window
- ALT-T (capital-T as it is shown in the help popup) does nothing seemingly.
- Running a scriipt (sidechain flipper) hangs the client (using lots of CPU)
- Menus appear off screen, or *just in reach* if I close the leaderboards
- ALT-t starts some unknown action and stops that unknown action when pressed again
- "delete all offline progress", what will that do because it is an active button.
- "reset roles" what will that do because it is an active button.
- objectives are hidden behind score display with a normal size screen. Do not assume players have huge screens.
- The 'notifications' popup area has survived.
- 'Help' key mapping does not correspond to indicators on bottom menu icons

- I feel this new interface is forced upon me and I find it unintuitive.

I have the impression this was not tested at all, my confidence it its flawless operation is thus rather low.
Please refrain from putting this into main.

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The hotfix (20211202-4c519292a1-win_x86-devprev or the equivalent) fixed a lot of issues, but not these.

I don't think Alt-t ever opened the tracks window by default, but you can set this option in "Configure Keyboard Shortcuts, under General Options -> Controls -> General -> Tracks.

Keyboard shortcuts are usually written Alt+T, meaning "hold down the alt key and press lowercase t". The uppercase version would be "Shift+Alt+T". Alt+T and Alt+t would be the same in this convention.

Alt-T (lowercase "t") starts the wiggle backbone tool. This is a bug, it should be just T (lowercase "t").

When I try to set Alt-T to open tracks, it still starts backbone wiggle. Hotkeys.txt is correctly updated, and there's no mention of Alt-T already being assigned. So another bug or two there.

Shift-Alt-T does nothing. This is correct.

I'm still not sure what "delete all offline progress" does. I've been too afraid to try it. I don't think the Foldit team has ever mentioned it. I'll try it sometime soon for the wiki. If you never hear from me again, that's the reason.

I'm not sure about "reset roles", either.

Screen sizes are an issue off and on. Some players have problems with certain recipes that have lots of options in their dialogs. One item that might help is knowing your screen size and related settings.

On Windows 10, if you right-click a blank spot on the screen, and select "Display settings", the "Scale and layout" area has "Change the size of apps, text, and other items", which might be "125%", and "Display resolution", which might "1024x768". There's also "Advanced scaling settings", which has a "Custom scaling" option that's not recommended. At least knowing the standard scaling and display resolution would be useful to the developers.

The help section in general needs work, and the Advanced Hotkeys section of help is a mess, with some of the shortcuts reflecting original interface values. There are still references to modes, even to a "selection mode".

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Thanks all for the continued feedback! This is very helpful.

The Advanced options to "Reset Roles" and "DELETE ALL OFFLINE PROGRESS" each open a modal dialog with more details. We can probably make their functions more clear from the options menu, but I will also explain them here:

"Reset Roles" lets you enable/disable Education Mode (currently "educational" is the only alternative role, but there may be more in the future!). The selected "role" affects some global settings of a Foldit installation. In particular, the "educational" role disables #global and #veteran chat, and unlocks all tutorial puzzles.

"DELETE ALL OFFLINE PROGRESS" only affects tutorial progress for offline play. Clicking this button will lock all the tutorials the next time Foldit is started in offline mode. This option is mostly intended for public computers and classrooms, where different people may be sharing the same computer to try Foldit tutorials for the first time. This button will not affect the tutorial progress for your online account; whenever you log in with your username to play Foldit online, your tutorial progress is fetched from our Foldit servers so all of your completed tutorials will be unlocked.

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The Dec 13th devprev release should address the issues with Alt-t. The Tracks window doesn't have a keyboard shortcut by default, but you should be able to bind your preferred one to it in the General Options -> Controls -> Keyboard Shortcuts menu. The Help menu has also been updated, with particular attention to the keyboard shortcut control list there. There's also updates to make the "Reset Roles" and "Delete Offline Progress" a bit more self-explanatory.

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Thank you for clarifying,. checking and fixing, appreciated.

Regards, BP


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