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2074: VHL ligand design: Round 5
Status: Closed


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Preserve Structure Error?

Structure uploaded for scientists.

It appears to this player that the "Preserve Structure" objective is in error.

Structure does not appear correct.

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scoring loophole.

Please see the scoring loophole bug report.

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Is anyone going to address this?

Is no one else going to comment on the 100K top score? Not that I mind my team taking first place on a puzzle. But the puzzle ends in less than forty-eight hours, and it's still valid, when it clearly has a scoring glitch.

I'd rather not waste any more time on this, if the puzzle is going to get canned.

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Sorry for the delay

We were figuring out the best way to handle this.

We'll be closing this puzzle and reposting it (instead of Round 6). We'll be setting things up such that you can load solutions from this puzzle to the Round 5b puzzle, so hopefully you won't lose any work you've put in so far.

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The constant crashing makes

The constant crashing makes this essentially unplayable for me.

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X-ray tunnel missing, "bonus" tool

The X-ray tunnel for ligand tool is not working on this puzzle in main or devprev. It was working on other puzzles in the series, for example 2062.

Also, wiggle sidechains continues to work via its shortcut "e", but it doesn't have an icon in the new interface action bar. The same issue is true for the selection interface in main, and also on previous VHL puzzles. The "e" shortcut also works in the original interface in main, but there's no menu icon.

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The issue with the X-ray

The issue with the X-ray tunnel might be that it's getting confused due to the two water molecules. I can take a look at things, but it's possibly going to require a code update and/or a puzzle setup change.

Regarding the wiggle sidechains, for this puzzle wiggle sidechains and wiggle backbone were taken out as there's only "sidechain" which can wiggle, so wiggle sidechains is redundant with "regular" wiggle. Not quite sure why the shortcut is still working, but it shouldn't be any harm in running it. (As mentioned, wiggle sidechain and regular wiggle would be identical for this puzzle.)

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The 'Alter Core' objective will give a big bonus if you change

The 'Alter Core' objective will give a big bonus if you change up the central five-member ring. What does "change up" mean?

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