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I am trying to run Foldit on Manjaro Linux for my Biochemistry assignments. However, the Linux version of Foldit does not work at all. And after installing with wine, it freezes when I log back in after logging out.
I would really appreciate it if anyone would suggest me a solution for this.

With many thanks,

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Linux version is buggy

Sorry for the lack of response here, I'll try mentioning this post in the bugs-and-feedback channel on the Foldit Discord server. (See the fold.it front page for a link.)

I've been using Foldit on Windows for a long time, but just recently started trying it on Ubuntu Linux. It runs, but there are some issues. For example, Foldit seems to crash when I try to shut it down normally. Foldit still crashes from time to time on Windows, especially on "symmetry" puzzles, but Linux seems much worse.

I haven't tried running Foldit under wine yet. That's been the suggestion for Foldit on Linux for a long time. I'll try that experiment just to see what happens.

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What puzzle or area are you trying to run?

On Ubuntu, Foldit seems to run reasonably well under wine on one of the numbered science puzzles. There is some quirky behavior with text spilling over its normal boundaries in several spots. I was able to run recipes taking an hour or more, with no crashes or hangs.

I haven't tried some of the other features, such as the intro campaign, dojo, and education mode.

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I'm using Ubuntu and it seems

I'm using Ubuntu and it seems the ligand design puzzles are much more stable if you avoid Undos: quicksaves work well as a substitute.


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