Game won't update.

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The last three times I booted up a game client, the game updating function started... then crapped out after only a few seconds. The latest attempt has been sitting over thirty minutes without making progress.

I'm trying to update in DevPrev mode. Do I need to shut down all active clients, first? I never had to do that, before. It was possible to have two versions of the game running simultaneously on separate clients.

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Running clients shouldn't prevent the updater from running (at least I don't think), so I think that may be a separate issue.

However, in general all clients should be restarted at the same time prior to updating. You may be able to get away with it most of the time, but other times (especially when the 'database' component updates) it will likely cause running clients to crash.

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The game updates with no problems when there is only one client open.

Last two updates, I had at least one client running the older version. In each case, all the clients running the older version crashed soon after the newer version was installed on another client.

The crashing disappears when all open clients are running the same version of the game.

Conclusion: If you are running multiple clients but don't have the latest update, and one of those clients crashes for any reason, then shut all clients down before opening another.

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Resolved. Closing.


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