Constant crashing of 2039.

Case number:845829-2012027
Opened by:BootsMcGraw
Opened on:Tuesday, September 7, 2021 - 01:28
Last modified:Monday, November 15, 2021 - 05:16

Every time I try to manipulate 2039 with the bands between cysteines in place, the game crashes.

Here is the debug log. It is all gibberish to me. Can someone fix this?

version: 1
"backtrace" : " 1: core::kinematics::AtomTree::xyz +34 bytes (no line)\n 2: interactive::application::appposeview::GUIPoseProxy::xyz +14 bytes (no line)\n 3: interactive::poseview::SideChainGeom::get_atom_connection +272 bytes (no line)\n 4: interactive::poseview::ResidueGeom::get_atom_connection +20 bytes (no line)\n 5: interactive::poseview::HelixResidueGeom::get_atom_connection +178 bytes (no line)\n 6: interactive::poseview::PoseGeom::get_atom_connection +102 bytes (no line)\n 7: interactive::application::appposeview::BandGeom::update +1145 bytes (no line)\n 8: interactive::application::appposeview::ExtraPoseInfoGeom::update +73 bytes (no line)\n 9: interactive::geom::Composite::update +72 bytes (no line)\n 10: interactive::geom::Viewport::update +79 bytes (no line)\n 11: interactive::gui::Container::update +190 bytes (no line)\n 12: interactive::gui::TopLevel::update +1483 bytes (no line)\n 13: interactive::gui::GUISystem::update +95 bytes (no line)\n 14: interactive::guiwrapper::GUIWrapper::tick_frame +155 bytes (no line)\n 15: interactive::guiwrapper::win32::Win32Wrapper::start +451 bytes (no line)\n 16: interactive::application::interactive_main +2623 bytes (no line)\n 17: game::application::game_main +1403 bytes (no line)\n 18: library_main +21 bytes (no line)\n 19: no symbol (no line)\n 20: no symbol (no line)\n 21: no symbol (no line)\n 22: BaseThreadInitThunk +18 bytes (no line)\n 23: RtlInitializeExceptionChain +99 bytes (no line)\n 24: RtlInitializeExceptionChain +54 bytes (no line)\n"
"build_id" : "20210831-bed0d5b3c9-win_x86-devprev"
"crash_id" : "c22964e7-fb13-415f-b681-051be584882e"
"current_actions" : "ToolBridgeAction,ActionButtonBridge,ActionGlobalMinimize"
"current_tool" : "Pull Mode"
"file" : "Unknown File:0"
"machine_id" : "db5c62d6-cb2a-4e81-8d07-aec011500a91"
"macro_id" : "-1"
"message" : "Unknown Exception"
"player_id" : "82314"
"puzzle_id" : "2012016"
"puzzle_running_time" : "128"
"running_time" : "122747"
"timestamp" : "1630977886"
verify: 34b7666413a3a3a8c5711b9b2edefe62

(Tue, 09/07/2021 - 01:28  |  5 comments)

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Thanks for the report BootsMcGraw! I wonder if this is related to another crash that we've seen before. Can you tell me, what are your hydrogen view settings (Hide all, Show bondable, Show all)? Do you have any bands connected to hydrogens atoms at the time of the crash?

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I am experiencing the same constant crashing on 2045.

View: Show all (slow), Show Bondable H.

Yes, I connect the hydrogens of cysteines so I can pull them together when wiggling, in an attempt to force them into position for making disulfide bonds. Every wiggle when in this conformation causes a crash.

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So I took the hint, and moved the bands from the cysteine hydrogens to the cysteine sulfurs, and VOILA! no more crashing while wiggling with bands in place.

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Thanks for the report. This should be fixed in the most recent devprev. If bands are attached to hydrogens that form a disulfide bond, the bands will be removed when the hydrogen is removed.

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Resolved. Closing.


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