Blueprint Tool doesn''t always show the right sequence and secondary structure

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Opened on:Friday, September 3, 2021 - 16:22
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I've been using a Foldit client with the
updates below on a Windows 10 Laptop:

buildid: 20210831-bed0d5b3c9-win_x86-devprev

At some point I noticed that in the 
Original Interface, the primary and secondary 
structures shown in the Blueprint Tool were 
incorrect. There were even times when the 
secondary structure was correct, but the 
primary structure (protein sequence) was 
incorrect. Sometimes I was able to fix these 
problems by starting a Recipe, closing and 
reopening the Blueprint Tool, or freezing and 
unfreezing the protein, but it was enough to 
cause confusion.

Please change the code so that the Blueprint 
Tool automatically updates itself more often
and more completely so it is more likely to
show the latest primary and secondary 
structures for the protein.


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If it matters, I made the above observations in Puzzle 2038.

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Hi Jeff,

I looked into this and I was able to see the blueprint panel not updating as mutate is running. However, I believe that is the intended behavior. The blueprint panel updates when the mutate ends. As for secondary structure mismatch, I haven't been able to reproduce that. I tried using scripts and selection mode. Are you still seeing this, and if so could you provide steps to reproduce?


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For Puzzle 2038, make 2 designs with different primary sequences
and desired secondary structures. Save both of these structures
as ir_solution files. Next open the Blueprint Tool in the Original 
Interface. Next load one of the solutions. You should see its
sequence and secondary structure in the Blueprint Tool. Next load
the other solution. Often this solution looks wrong in the Blueprint 
Tool until I do freeze/unfreeze or start a recipe. Then it switches
to the correct primary and secondary structures.

It helps to view as cartoon, color w/abego, and Tab on different
segments of the protein. Sometimes these things disagree with what
the Blueprint Tool is showing. When they agree, take a screenshot
with the Blueprint Tool and 3D structure of the protein showing. 
This will help as you try to replicate the problem.

If you need more details, please e-mail me via the Foldit site.

Thanks, & Good luck!


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