Addition to Clashing Importance

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Opened on:Sunday, April 25, 2021 - 13:35
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Over the years I've often felt that the aromatics play a role in the early stages of protein formation, when the protein is loose and formitable, as though they were pins tacking the early structures in place and allowing the more subtle forces to do their thing. I would like to see a slider in clashing importance that damps down the forces of the other AAs and allows the aromatics to play a more significant role, so they could be used as guideposts to the formation of a more stable configuration.

I'll make the following analogy: When a painter starts stretching a canvas on a rectangular frame, he starts by tacking the center of each side. Those would be the aromatics. Then, he works his way from each out to the corners, stretching the canvas as he goes.

I would like to see a slider that reduces the clashing importance of all of the other AAs, leaving the aromatics at 1.0 or even increasing them somewhat.


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