Hotfixes to Main and Devprev soon!

Hey all, we're going to be pushing some hotfixes to both main and devprev here soon.

For both releases:
* Fixed an crash on the Reaction Design intro puzzle.
* Fixed a scoring issue affecting some design puzzles.
* Fixed an issue where the objectives panel wouldn't re-compute bonuses when it should.

For devprev only:
* Fixed a bug causing moves to not be counted
* Fixed a bug causing Dojo mode to soft lock when ending the level using a recipe
* Fixed a bug where Dojo mode would repeat the first level many times
* Fixed a campaign typo.
* Fixed a couple of interface bugs related to the undo menu. Thanks to cjddig for help identifying these bugs.
* Fixed a bug causing the update window to be invisible.
* Updated fonts for clear visuals and more language coverage.
* Fixed a visual glitch in the bottom left corner of the screen.
* Fixed a bug where the Move Count Objective would not update automatically; like other Objectives, it now updates whenever the protein is changed
* Move usage tooltips now appear at the mouse cursor instead of in the upper left
* Revised how moves are counted: please note that we are actively soliciting feedback on this system; if you believe an action should cost more or fewer moves, please provide feedback at

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Fonts are no different.

The fonts in DevPrev look identical to those in Main, which are awful. What did you change? Or have you not made the hotfixes, yet?

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Hi Boots, The fonts have been

Hi Boots,

The fonts have been changed to use the Noto Sans family . This change was made to ensure we could support more languages.

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Hotfix 4/16 (devprev)

Release notes:
- Added new Dojo levels
- Updated some Dojo levels for difficulty balance
- Dojo mode now includes a Reset Puzzle button (but any Stamina spent will remain spent)
- Dojo mode now includes a "Skip Level" button to give up on the current level

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