Global points assigned for #1956 before puzzle ended.

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Opened on:Friday, February 19, 2021 - 23:27
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Five minutes before puzzle # 1956 expired, I was at rank 11 and score 15693. In the last two minutes of the the puzzle, I made an action that raised me to rank 9 and score 15809. The official scoring of the puzzle gave me the lower and lower score, when I clearly surpassed them.

You can't end a puzzle before the announced expiration time.

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Thanks to Enzyme for explaining this to me in #Veteran chat.

Seems that the game server is incapable of uploading quickly any solutions you may have cooking in the last minutes of a puzzle. That's a bug, considering the sheer volume of data being uploaded by up to a hundred players at once. Do y'all need more money for a better server? I recommend Patreon or GoFundMe. I'm ready to contribute.

The interim solution is to shut down your game client just before the puzzle ends, which forces an upload of your score to the server. I will be using this tactic in the future, until further notice.

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Closing this feedback, and using Enzyme's workaround. There are more important things to fix, at the moment.


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