20201223-e20c1e0f15-win_x86 bad loop shows ONE residu in a helix

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20201223-e20c1e0f15-win_x86 solution shared with scientists: 'faulty_filter'

When checking for bad loops, ONE residu in the middle of a longer helix is highlighted.
Working on the helix segment can get rid of the 'bad loop' designation but it seems odd to me that a helix section is identified as a loop.


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I have the same issue on puzzle 1951. One of the four residues in my loop (203-206) is marked as a bad loop, while the rest of the loop shows to be okay. Engaging the "Auto Structures" function changes 203-205 to an extension of helix 186-202.

How can one residue residing between two helices be marked a non-ideal loop?

My structure: https://ibb.co/nbHryJs
Auto Structure: https://ibb.co/bm8NPzC

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Uploaded to scientists as "1-residue-bad-loop".

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I am still seeing this in design puzzles. I have found there is no way to remove this penalty, no matter how many hundred times I remix/rebuild that section of my protein.

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Here is the latest 1-residue bad loop, this time at the very end residue of 1960:


I'll upload this solution to the scientists, if y'all want it.


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