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Actually, I found several places where spammers can post and be free of interference.

I have found a half dozen hidden "forums" besides this one, all of which are accessible with just a few mouse clicks. Perhaps it's time to close these down, since there appears to be no way to access them through ordinary means (unless you're clever, like me and these spammer vermin).

Hidden forums:


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wow, dark content

That's an amazing find. It looks like a mix of legit stuff from long ago and more recent spam. Right off the bat, I see spam from a user we deleted long ago (October 2019 anyway). I thought that deleting/disabling a user also removed their content, but I guess maybe not.

We'll see what the Foldit team wants to do about these dark fora. Kind of shame to lose the classic content, but kind of a lot of work to separate wheat from chaff.

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I guess these fora have titles, but it shows up only in the tab name, not in the page itself.

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The dark fora have been cleaned up, there wasn't *that* much spam.

One of the posts, since deleted, had clues about where this stuff comes from:

All day, on our website, you can order absolutely FREE
posting more than 2500 incoming links on various profiles and topics + publishing 10,000 messages
to forums advertising your site or your services !!!

(Google translate of the original Russian)


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