Undo delete last undos when reversing (puzzel 1942)

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When undoing, the latest undos in the graph disappear definitively

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This might be the Vanishing Undo Points bug I documented in early December.

It's actually the same situation that was causing this to frequently/easily happen when we were playing the New Metrics puzzles where they were "auto-calculated" after our tool stopped running. In certain circumstances (when Hand Folding), using Undo would cause that exact point you returned to, to then be overwritten by the next action, preventing you from returning to that point ever again!

Which that's exactly what happens, the graph point gets overwritten by the following action. I thought it was unique to the Auto-Calculation function; however, once I encountered it on a NON-New Metrics puzzle, that's when I figured it out...
There's a bit more to it than this but as a quick explanation for the non-devs reading this (since they have access to my document full of bug reports): What's going on is that if you've performed a tool action that does NOT change the score, instead of Foldit deleting that new graph point, it will delete the OLD graph point instead. Then in certain situations, for example running a recipe with a menu system but then canceling/exiting before it can do any actions beyond displaying the menu, and then Undo back to a prior spot... The next tool action you run will overwrite that Undo Point by the new pose the tool generates.

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