20201120-8f78be34c4-win_x86 CPU usage unusually high in Windows

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Opened by:Bletchley Park
Opened on:Wednesday, December 16, 2020 - 07:57
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I see that using 50% of my cores **with minimized clients** will yield nearly 100% CPU usage. Before, when using 50% of the cores, **when minimized** will use only about 50% of the CPU.

This effectively halfs the CPU processing power available.

*What was changed in the code that causes this ?*

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This is no longer a queation, it is now a bug.
Threads are hanging using CPU time (60% !) after scipts finish. This is when clients are minimized. They terminate when the client is brought to the foreground and then minimized again.


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Hi Bletchley,

Thank you for reporting this. There is a known bug where save.GetSolutions, save.LoadSolution, and save.LoadSolutionByName cause the client to hang indefinitely. Potentially, this is what's causing the effect you're seeing. Please let me know if this extra CPU bug still applies for recipes that don't use these functions.

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Hi Josh, the scripts I use do not use any of the mentioned functions, so this is a different issue seemingly.


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