New Release!

Hey everyone,

We've just released a big update with the following fixes and features:

Release Notes:

UI / Gameplay:
- Updated the Mutate icon
- Backbone pins are now colored purple when locked
- Achievements now describe the achievement earned
- Rubber bands are now colored differently based on optimal bonding distances
- Rubber bands are now colored darker if a recipe made them
- Dark mode is now on by default
- Arrows on the Clashing Importance, Band Strength/Length, and other sliders now make more fine-grain adjustments
- Increased the maximum Undo Graph length to 1000
- Renamed "Memory Usage" to "RAM Usage" on the Undo Graph
- Text entry can now be selected and cut/copied like in modern text editors
- Text entry now supports undo/redo (Ctrl+Z to undo, Ctrl+Y or Ctrl+Shift+Z to redo)
- Chat and recipe output can now be selected and copied (per message)
- Options
- Overhauled the General Options menu
- Added the option to adjust music and sound volume
- Added the option to adjust the font size of chat, recipe output, and tooltips
- Added the option to change the default rubber band length to either 2.0 or 3.5 (this toggle can also be bound to a hotkey)
- Added the option to change the default rubber band settings to the last manually set strength/length
- The Rama Map can now be bound to a hotkey
- Recipes can now be bound to hotkeys
- Removed the Advanced GUI option; this option is now on by default after the tutorial
- Removed deprecated chat options
- Camera
- Reversed the default camera zoom direction to be more intuitive
- Switched RMB and MMB camera controls to be more intuitive
- Added options to toggle these changes in the Controls menu

- Extended the size of the chat window
- Added a help button to show available IRC commands
- Added a button to copy the entire chat history to your clipboard
- Added the IRC command to report a player for chat abuse by typing /report username
- The player list now shows which players have been chatting since you logged in
- Server messages now appear in red
- Messages sent from Discord now show an icon indicating their origin
- Emojis sent from Discord now appear as “[emoji]” instead of “????”
- Players can now create a link to Foldit's Discord by sending "!discord"
- Players can now create a link to Foldit's group list by sending "!group"
- Players can now create a link to Foldit's recipe list by sending "!recipes"
- Moderators can now kick and ban players from the in-game chat
- Moderators now appear in chat with a crown icon
- Moderators and staff can now send external links in chat
- Staff now appear in chat with green names and a beaker icon
- Staff can now add/remove moderators temporarily from the in-game chat

Bugfixes and Improvements:
- Fixed a bug where German and French keyboards were unable to type '@' into text boxes
- Fixed bugs preventing long and multi-line chat messages from sending correctly
- Fixed typos in options.txt and theme.txt
- Improved option saving

Cookbook and Recipes:
- Added a Cookbook Starter Pack to empty cookbooks
- Added Lua function 'behavior.UseCutBands(boolean enable)' to enable or disable cut bands.
- Added Lua function 'structure.IdealSSSelected' to use Ideal SS on selected segments
- Added Lua functions to get the residues and atoms at each side of a band (referred to as the "base" side and "end" side)
- 'band.GetResidueBase(int bandIndex)' returns the residue index at the base
- 'band.GetResidueEnd(int bandIndex)' returns the residue index at the end
- 'band.GetAtomBase(int bandIndex)' returns the atom index at the base (experimental feature)
- 'band.GetAtomEnd(int bandIndex)' returns the atom index at the end (experimental feature)
- Added Lua function 'band.IsRecipeBand' which returns whether a band was made by a recipe
- These Lua functions now take an optional boolean recipesOnly which will apply the function only to recipe-made bands if true:
- band.DeleteAll
- band.DisableAll
- band.EnableAll
- band.GetCount

- Removed Alignment and DNA puzzles
- Revised ending level structure

Known Issues:

The following are known issues, and will be fixed in a future update.

- HBond Importance Sliders are not clickable
- The input box for HBond Importance Sliders extends too far up
- Puzzle names are not clickable
- Preference for Selection Interface is erroneously reset on exit
- The notifications tab does not correctly display notifications
- The Ctrl+A hotkey does not select everything, despite the visual effect
- Pasting text does not include carriage returns
- Pressing delete erroneously inserts a left parenthesis

As always, a big thanks to our developer preview players for helping us to test this release!

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