Crash on 1916

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Opened on:Thursday, November 12, 2020 - 23:48
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Looks like it crashed in the new surface code. See below for files. I had just created four sheets, selected just the mutable part, and hit "5" (idealize), and was moving it away from the fixed part when it crashed.

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log.txt edited to just the tail.

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1916 crashed in the middle of me creating sheets with the BluePrint tool. Now, every time I try to re-load 1916, the game crashes. I don't know what or where all that gibberish is in the attachments in Greg's post, but it is clear I am having the same problem.

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My log.txt file has this line, repeated hundreds, or even thousands of times:

core.conformation.Conformation: [ WARNING ] missing heavyatom: OXT on residue VAL:CtermProteinFull 81

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I made the necessary changes to the file names as suggested in chat by bkoep. I was able to re-start 1916, but it again crashed in the middle of thying to create sheets using the Blueprint tool. I am dead in the water.

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Thanks guys. 1916b released and fixed the crashing :D


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