incorrect display and calculation of DDG metric

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Opened on:Tuesday, November 10, 2020 - 04:32
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I just received the most recent update of the game, and also started puzzle 1913. It seems that the game is miscalculating the DDG value.

In this photo, taken in the middle of a cut-and-wiggle script...

...shows the DDG to have a value of about two hundred twenty-nine MILLION. It does not affect the score, as it appears only when the protein is cut.

Is this indicative that the DDG is being miscalculated in all circumstances? Or is this a glitch special to scripts?

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It appears this is the same issue Bletchley Park is having in the DevPrev mode.

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I believe this has been fixed with the most recent update; I don't see this error happening on the most recent puzzles.

Closing this ticket.


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