DEVPREV; high score does not register properly on server

Case number:954892-2010617
Topic:Developer Preview
Opened by:Bletchley Park
Opened on:Wednesday, October 21, 2020 - 20:38
Last modified:Monday, November 9, 2020 - 19:35


A previous client run ended with 221xxx score, then crashed after a while.
The next time I ran a new client this highscore no longer registered on the server and instead a lower score was shown.


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I know you are referring to a prior puzzle. Did you also notice this on #1910?

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I have not encountered this particular issue in 1910 (yet), but I did find this one: which is now a main client bug.

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Promoting this to a 20201104-a5cd429da6-win_x86-devprev client bug, for puzzle 1913.

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Do the metrics run upon loading? If not, if you click "run" or make any change to the pose, does this fix the problem?

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When this happens, running metrics does not fix the issue. But I have not noticed it that often. Try checking the undo fraph issue, that seems more prevalent. Do some wig-shakes, mutates and moes, then click on the various undo points and notice how 'calculating' remains active for the metrics without resolving.


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