reproducable freeze exporting recipe on mac & workaround

Case number:845829-2010574
Opened by:zo3xiaJonWeinberg
Opened on:Thursday, October 15, 2020 - 21:26
Last modified:Sunday, November 1, 2020 - 02:58

This happens by default when exporting a recipe. If I don't click on the destination folder before clicking Save or press Enter then Foldit freezes. Only way to quit it is by clicking the apple->Force Quit. Task manager doesn't always work for some games but it worked this time as well. On the other hand, I suppose it helps prevent me from overwriting a previous exported recipe by accident.

args passed:
args used:
We're loading in the hotkeys
We loaded in the hotkeys
starting the init thread!..
boinc base url:
checking updates...
local: '6528c4834803a83cdb017d9b405e109c'
remote: '6528c4834803a83cdb017d9b405e109c'
local: '428fc0948d0f404d685c4e477f984796'
remote: '428fc0948d0f404d685c4e477f984796'
local: '214153bebec0533121c44416c1fa1d1b'
remote: '214153bebec0533121c44416c1fa1d1b'
cleaning up old components:
binary 6528c4834803a83cdb017d9b405e109c
database 428fc0948d0f404d685c4e477f984796
resources 214153bebec0533121c44416c1fa1d1b
binary 00000000000000000000000000000000
resources 00000000000000000000000000000000
SoundTheme::load: cmp-resources-214153bebec0533121c44416c1fa1d1b/resources/sounds/organic_01
loading: cmp-resources-214153bebec0533121c44416c1fa1d1b/resources/sounds/organic_01/rotamer_land_00.ogg
loading: cmp-resources-214153bebec0533121c44416c1fa1d1b/resources/sounds/organic_01/rotamer_land_01.ogg
loading: cmp-resources-214153bebec0533121c44416c1fa1d1b/resources/sounds/organic_01/rotamer_land_02.ogg
loading: cmp-resources-214153bebec0533121c44416c1fa1d1b/resources/sounds/organic_01/rotamer_land_03.ogg
loading: cmp-resources-214153bebec0533121c44416c1fa1d1b/resources/sounds/organic_01/rotamer_land_04.ogg
loading: cmp-resources-214153bebec0533121c44416c1fa1d1b/resources/sounds/organic_01/rotamer_land_05.ogg
(@init_machine_log)intro_level_version_ is 0
SVM classifier successfully loaded
Feature list successfully loaded
Valid classifier feature list
buildid: 20200921-459a3ae845-macos_x64
Duplicate hotkey action UNDO_UNDO (, Undo)
Duplicate hotkey action UNDO_REDO (, Redo)
Duplicate hotkey action UNDO_RESTORE_BEST (, Restore Very Best)
about to create view_options_button_
setting side chain mode to: 2 Show All (Slow)
Found remote enable option: 0
Show splash!
Playing: sounds/organic_01/splashscreen.ogg
Converting any old-style quicksaves and autosaves...

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Just as a heads up: If you have to force-close Foldit, there won't be any Stack Trace in the log (or the debug.txt)
However, the log DOES still provide the Build you're using, which helps. :)
buildid: 20200921-459a3ae845-macos_x64

So the Steps are as follows, correct?
1) Open Recipe Editor
2) Click Save As
3) Click Export
4) Either: Click Save or Press Enter on keyboard
5) Foldit Hangs

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Correct, I did it again and uploaded the log before I force-quit. The long copied text didn't post in my comment but the attachment worked.

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Alright, looks like it's a Mac-Only issue, as in Windows when you try to click Save without having typed in a Filename or clicked on a Directory it doesn't close that OS window, it just makes the typical 'warning' noise (for Windows OS) while flashing it to get your attention.

This might even be something Apple has to fix with MacOS, but I'll still add this to my Bug Report document fir the devs :)


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