reproducable freeze exporting recipe on mac & workaround

Case number:845829-2010574
Opened by:zo3xiaJonWeinberg
Opened on:Thursday, October 15, 2020 - 21:26
Last modified:Wednesday, October 21, 2020 - 23:33

This happens by default when exporting a recipe. If I don't click on the destination folder before clicking Save or press Enter then Foldit freezes. Only way to quit it is by clicking the apple->Force Quit. Task manager doesn't always work for some games but it worked this time as well. On the other hand, I suppose it helps prevent me from overwriting a previous exported recipe by accident.

args passed:
args used:
We're loading in the hotkeys
We loaded in the hotkeys
starting the init thread!..
boinc base url:
checking updates...
local: '6528c4834803a83cdb017d9b405e109c'
remote: '6528c4834803a83cdb017d9b405e109c'
local: '428fc0948d0f404d685c4e477f984796'
remote: '428fc0948d0f404d685c4e477f984796'
local: '214153bebec0533121c44416c1fa1d1b'
remote: '214153bebec0533121c44416c1fa1d1b'
cleaning up old components:
binary 6528c4834803a83cdb017d9b405e109c
database 428fc0948d0f404d685c4e477f984796
resources 214153bebec0533121c44416c1fa1d1b
binary 00000000000000000000000000000000
resources 00000000000000000000000000000000
SoundTheme::load: cmp-resources-214153bebec0533121c44416c1fa1d1b/resources/sounds/organic_01
loading: cmp-resources-214153bebec0533121c44416c1fa1d1b/resources/sounds/organic_01/rotamer_land_00.ogg
loading: cmp-resources-214153bebec0533121c44416c1fa1d1b/resources/sounds/organic_01/rotamer_land_01.ogg
loading: cmp-resources-214153bebec0533121c44416c1fa1d1b/resources/sounds/organic_01/rotamer_land_02.ogg
loading: cmp-resources-214153bebec0533121c44416c1fa1d1b/resources/sounds/organic_01/rotamer_land_03.ogg
loading: cmp-resources-214153bebec0533121c44416c1fa1d1b/resources/sounds/organic_01/rotamer_land_04.ogg
loading: cmp-resources-214153bebec0533121c44416c1fa1d1b/resources/sounds/organic_01/rotamer_land_05.ogg
(@init_machine_log)intro_level_version_ is 0
SVM classifier successfully loaded
Feature list successfully loaded
Valid classifier feature list
buildid: 20200921-459a3ae845-macos_x64
Duplicate hotkey action UNDO_UNDO (, Undo)
Duplicate hotkey action UNDO_REDO (, Redo)
Duplicate hotkey action UNDO_RESTORE_BEST (, Restore Very Best)
about to create view_options_button_
setting side chain mode to: 2 Show All (Slow)
Found remote enable option: 0
Show splash!
Playing: sounds/organic_01/splashscreen.ogg
Converting any old-style quicksaves and autosaves...

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Just as a heads up: If you have to force-close Foldit, there won't be any Stack Trace in the log (or the debug.txt)
However, the log DOES still provide the Build you're using, which helps. :)
buildid: 20200921-459a3ae845-macos_x64

So the Steps are as follows, correct?
1) Open Recipe Editor
2) Click Save As
3) Click Export
4) Either: Click Save or Press Enter on keyboard
5) Foldit Hangs


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