Cannot upload solution for puzzle 1900

Case number:671076-2010545
Opened by:Bletchley Park
Opened on:Sunday, October 11, 2020 - 14:54
Last modified:Wednesday, October 14, 2020 - 03:35

Client: 20200921-459a3ae845-win_x86

A solution I downloaded from a teammate and worked on with this client cannot be uploaded to the server. I receive a 'Due to excessive server load...' error.

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Hi Bletchley Park, are you still getting error messages about excessive server load?

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Hi bkoep, yes and no. On a similar client in a different directory I do NOT get the error and it seems to work fine. I tested the main client's directory by loading a devprev client there and low and behold, the same error occirs, including the disconnects.

So there may be some other limitation that is at play here:
Stats for the puzzle directory:
- Files: 50.215
- Bytes: 4.564.011.509 (4,25 Gb)
- directories: 4.127

So likely this is breaking a limit in the client (chkdsk reports no errors). I'll try to reduce some of this and see where it takes me.
You may ignore the reports (both of them) on the server side issue. Thank you !

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I have archived 350 directories with thousands of files, archived about 1500 solution files and accompanying additional files for puzzles in the foldit directory but the issue of disconnecting remains. Other clients do not have the issue so I'm puzzled (pun not intended) as to what is causing this. I may have to reinstall the client and move the solutions to the new install directory.

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You archived me?! :P Kidding!

As for the current folder and its situation... If there is no details contained in the Log file immediately after you've tried to upload it and subsequently been disconnected, the only thing I can figure is that perhaps the Save file is somehow corrupted.

In that case, if you wanted to save yourself some time by trying this, it could quickly diagnose whether it is something to do with that directory or if really is a faulty save.
If you copy out that solution's save file to one of your other client directories, then load up that puzzle (or re-load that puzzle if that client is already playing it), and see if THAT client can upload the file.

If it CAN? I'd say it's indeed something to do with that directory or its contents, and a reinstall would be my next action (though, I'd only rename the faulty directory, not delete it).
If it CAN'T? Seems to lend credit to the idea of it being a faulty/corrupt save file.

That's just my 2 cents :)


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