Puzzle 1855: Reaction Design window's selection a complete mystery

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Opened by:John McLeod
Opened on:Tuesday, June 30, 2020 - 12:26
Last modified:Tuesday, July 28, 2020 - 21:05

Puzzle 1855: Y1 receptor Ligand Design
Reaction Design windows selection choices when selected by mouse don't resemble what actually shows up in the pocket.

Build ID: 20200625-6f685ae5d0-win_x86 (developer preview)

As well as the crashes and unstable graphics, the Ligand pieces I was trying to get out of the selection window bore no relationship at all to what was being delivered to the pocket. Very frustrating.

I'm running a 10 year old IBM clone workstation with on-board (no graphics card) graphics originally Win7 Pro now (alas) Windows 10. Wondering if the selection problem was also noticed on more up-to-date clients. Perhaps a discussion for when the other things settle down.

The Ligand "Campaign" puzzle's selection worked fine, by the way.

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Thanks for the report. We'll be taking a very close look at overhauling the Reaction Design tool, and we'll keep an eye out for this issue as we're testing.

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Combine with June 26 Suggestion?

Excellent discussion here:

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refer to above link


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