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Hi, I discovered a new amazing player chatting I global:

Interesting to see how it answers several beginner's questions. It seems to quote existing players who use to answer student's questions, like susume.

Or is it no bot ?

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It’s a bot, but not intelligent I think.

I think it is a bot, so it is not a player, and I think it’s basically transferring messages posted on the #global chat channel by the Discord accounts of existing players.

From what I remember, I think it works since Foldit has its own Discord social media page now, and on that page, there are multiple channels, including #global, which I think is just like the Global chat in the Foldit Client itself, so people on the Foldit Discord can see what is happening on the Global chat through Discord. They can also interact with the Global chat through the Foldit Discord.

I think that in order for the Global chat in the Foldit Client to update to include chat messages from players in Discord, the FolditIRCBot basically copies messages, including the username of the Discord account of the message sender, that are posted by Discord users and reposts them onto the Global chat on the Foldit Client itself.
I think it also works vice versa, to have the FolditIRCBot copy messages posted by Foldit Client users and reposts them on the Global chat in the Foldit Discord.

It seems to quote existing players because I think the Discord accounts of existing players are replying to several beginner’s questions on the Global chat through the #global channel through the Foldit Discord. I think the Discord accounts of existing players have about the same username as the username of their respective Foldit accounts too.

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It's a relay bot

Over on the Foldit Discord server, which is basically an IRC service with lots more quality of life and polish features tailored to mainstream gamers, there's two chat channels linked to veteran and global. Josh hooked this bot up to those channels and Foldit's IRC to relay messages between. So yeah, those usernames? Those are real.

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I second this

I second this. It links the discord chat to the foldit chat, so that players can communicate between the two without having to read both of them. It just copy pastes their messages from one place to another.

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I dont give permission for any of my personal messages to be..

Can i prevent this bot from copying any of my personal and confidential information or tips being copied without payment, of three easy payments of just $29.99 per transmission. charged to Discord ? or the Bot ?

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lol Seeing as you've not been permitted to chat in Global or Veteran for... well, since before my time of originally joining as I understand it.... That means you have no messages TO be relayed! ;)

My Technical Support fees for this 1m48s of service will be $33.81 USD. I only accept PayPal.
Thank you, and have a great day!

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Literally says in the chat window

Global and veteran are public chat rooms, as is the accompanying Discord channels and server. If that concept goes over your head, I don't know what to tell you.


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