Developer Preview Release Soon

Hey everyone,

We're releasing an update to the developer preview today with the following fixes and features:

* Renamed the tutorial progression to "Campaign".
* The tutorial progression now follows a branching system instead of a straight linear progression.
* Added optional Science help bubbles to the tutorial text bubbles.
* Updated UI and text bubble colors to differentiate between various types of hint bubbles.

* A new feature has been added which will log messages which could be translated but aren't currently present in the active language pack to the file "untranslated_messages..log" in the working directory. Add the line "log_untranslated" : "1" to your options.txt file to enable.

Bug Fixes:
* Various crash fixes.

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Scoring function abnormalities

This 'devprev' version allows scores to permeate to the leaderboard despite the fact that scoring is done significantly different with a serious unfair advantage over the 'main' client.

AWP wiggling does not wiggle at AWP, as subsequent HWP wiggling adds nothing,

Further investigation will have to reveal whether this already was present in the previous devprev version and thus may have affected past puzzles and thus solutions.

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Crash on entering a game

I got this update this morning and now when I enter any game from the Main Menu my client crashes. I'm running a several year old clone desktop PC, Windows 10.

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end of log.txt file at crash

TITLE: end of log.txt file at crash

(slowly remembering stuff after 7 year layoff!):

Sending SOPs:

About to show the puzzle screen...
Trying to get the puzzle list...
Loading cache...
Parsing puzzle URL...
Parsing contests...
Parsing macros...
Saving the cache...
JM level version = 0
Using file: cmp-resources-0f03be3a8113157798a6335f2a45a51c\resources\levels/endless_puzzles.intros
Using file: cmp-resources-0f03be3a8113157798a6335f2a45a51c\resources\levels/puzzles_branching_ordered.intros
Parsing level completion...
Sending SOPs:

Initting the list...
Got the puzzles...
Sending SOPs:

Finished show_puzzle_screen...
*** Got OpenGL error: invalid value at ..\..\..\source\src\interactive\gui\
Got OpenGL error. (c:\cygwin64\home\jflat06\foldit\release\source\src\interactive/render/open_gl.hh:62)

ERROR: Exception: Got OpenGL error.
ERROR:: Exit from: ..\..\..\source\src\interactive\gui\ line: 183
1: utility::exit +1303 bytes (no line)
2: interactive::gui::TopLevel::on_render +700 bytes (no line)
3: interactive::guiwrapper::win32::Win32Wrapper::win_display_func +85 bytes (no line)
4: interactive::guiwrapper::win32::Win32Wrapper::start +421 bytes (no line)
5: interactive::application::interactive_main +2622 bytes (no line)
6: game::application::game_main +1321 bytes (no line)
7: library_main +21 bytes (no line)
8: no symbol (no line)
9: no symbol (no line)
10: no symbol (no line)
11: BaseThreadInitThunk +25 bytes (no line)
12: RtlGetAppContainerNamedObjectPath +228 bytes (no line)
13: RtlGetAppContainerNamedObjectPath +180 bytes (no line)

1: RaiseException +98 bytes (no line)
2: _CxxThrowException +101 bytes (no line)
3: utility::exit +1658 bytes (no line)
4: interactive::gui::TopLevel::on_render +700 bytes (no line)
5: interactive::guiwrapper::win32::Win32Wrapper::win_display_func +85 bytes (no line)
6: interactive::guiwrapper::win32::Win32Wrapper::start +421 bytes (no line)
7: interactive::application::interactive_main +2622 bytes (no line)
8: game::application::game_main +1321 bytes (no line)
9: library_main +21 bytes (no line)
10: no symbol (no line)
11: no symbol (no line)
12: no symbol (no line)
13: BaseThreadInitThunk +25 bytes (no line)
14: RtlGetAppContainerNamedObjectPath +228 bytes (no line)
15: RtlGetAppContainerNamedObjectPath +180 bytes (no line)

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How to switch back

If the new devprev is repeatedly crashing and you wish to go back to the previous client, go into your options.txt file andd change your update group from devprev back to main. When you start the game it will download the current main client, which is the same as the previous devprev client.

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Oops hit rong arrow sorry :-(

Thanks Susume that worked!

One nuance, allow the Update to proceed to completion when you restart, that's the re-install of the "main" version of the S/W

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Hey all,

We're reverting this to update for now until we can fix the scoring issues. We apologize for the inconvenience!

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Thanks Jeff, but how will you

Thanks Jeff, but how will you handle the running clients that can still load new puzzles ? And points awarded like in puzzle 1842 ? I just loaded ice binding (1845) and could load new covid puzzles as well with that devprev to prove the point.
Can you filter data based on version-ID ?

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My suggestion for that would

My suggestion for that would be to invalidate the logon for the faulty devprev client and log out any connected faulty devprev clients to make sure this loophole can no longer be abused.

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Dev build

This article forgot to mention that this dev release is not compatible with stable version. Two days ago I wasn't able to open a shared group solution from a person with a dev client. The displayed error text was "bad SolutionMetadata version".

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Hotfix 6/3

* Minor changes to the Reaction Design intro puzzle.

Bug Fixes:
* Fixed an issue with Wiggle behaving differently than intended.
* Fixed a scoring discrepancy in filters.
* Fixed a crash in the rama map panel.

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6/3 hotfix saves won't open on main

I get two errors stacked: "error opening 0397885478.ir_shared_solution.ir_solution for read" and "error reading download_tmp_UNIQ-*lots of letters and digits*.ir_solution[BUFFER]; bad version: 8" on build 20200409-d067627d3b-win_x86 when opening a solution saved on 20200603-c7d68d68de-win_x86-devprev.

There are also what appear to be related messages in log.txt:

Error reading puzzle_2009743_time_1590730505.ir_solution; bad SolutionMetadata version.

Error reading puzzle_2009743_time_1590730505.ir_solution; bad SolutionMetadata version.

loading solution: 0397885478.ir_shared_solution.ir_solution
Error opening 0397885478.ir_shared_solution.ir_solution for read.
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Identified issue

Thanks Loci. We've identified what's causing this and we're looking into it.

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Hotfix 6/8

* Disabled loading solutions from previous devprev versions due to a bug in those versions.
* Solutions from this devprev should now be loadable in main.

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not seeing the hotfix

I just tried updating a main client to devprev. The main client was on the 4/9 build.

On devprev, the client updated to 20200606-c7d68d68de-win_x86-devprev.

When I open puzzle 1847, I get the message:

Your client is out of date. YOUR SCORES WILL NOT BE RECORDED. Please update to log your scores.

(Edit: hit save too soon the first time.)

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Thanks Loci, I think this should be fixed now.

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seems better, still showing 06/06 build...

I didn't watch closely, so I'm not sure if my client updated, but it's now at 20200606-c7d68d68de-win_x86-devprev. I'd expected a 20200608 build.

On 20200606-c7d68d68de-win_x86-devprev, I don't get the messages about the client being out of date. I saved a solution on 1847, and was able to open it on the current main. So I'd say the versioning issue has been fixed.

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