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1836: Revisiting Puzzle 115: Exocyst
Status: Closed


Name: 1836: Revisiting Puzzle 115: Exocyst
Status: Closed
Created: 05/08/2020
Points: 100
Expired: 05/15/2020 - 18:00
Difficulty: Novice
Description: This is a throwback puzzle to the early days of Foldit. This protein is involved in the process of exocytosis, transporting proteins to the cell membrane or extracellular areas. The protein is modeled here in reduced form, so no disulfides are expected to form. We are revisiting old Foldit puzzles so we can see how useful the recent additions to the game have been and to provide newer players with puzzles that are still scientifically relevant.

Categories: Overall, Prediction

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The power of Foldit compels you!
Joined: 05/21/2010
Groups: Go Science
Weird dialog when opening this ...

It says "Both weights file and score function name supplied.", then hangs with the foldit logo and "Loading". Is this expected?

Joined: 05/21/2010
Groups: Go Science
I'm also on Mac.

Also, on the loading screen there's a text in the upper left "No Tool".

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Thanks for the quick feedback! I think we've fixed the problem. At the Puzzle Menu screen, you may have to click Refresh List to make sure your Foldit client gets the fix.

Joined: 05/21/2010
Groups: Go Science
Got it!

Thanks for the quick action on that!

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this puzzle isn't loading on ny Mac

get dialog "Both weights file and score function name supplied" with close button. Click Close and screen shows Loading forever.

Joined: 05/03/2009
Groups: Contenders
Yes, Win10 too

same message and hang here as well

Joined: 03/30/2013
Groups: Go Science
Problem resolved here

Had the same pathology as NinjaGreg. Has successfully resolved on my Mac (Yosemite 10.10.5).
Thanks Bkoep.

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