Cant restore credit best :/

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Hi my client crashed and now i cant restore my credit best on puzzle 1829... the autosaves in the menu just show saves after restarting the client.. personal best 9978 cant be restored... any other posibility or do i have to rebuild the solution?

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i tried recovering the quicksaves... but no success...

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same happened to me!! I crashed on puzzle 1839 today have working on it right after it came available and when I opened it back up I was at 1288.703 the starting value instead of my 9494 score I was at. Doing Restore credit Best did nothing. Is there anything I can do to get score back or files so this can be fixed.

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If you go into Menu > Open/Share Solutions,
on the right is an option to show auto- and
quick- saves. You should see entries for
recent best, credit best, and very best.
There are also many quicksave files which
contain key results made as recipes ran.

If you can't find your solution there,
try the Undo graph.

While you play Foldit online, every few
minutes Foldit sends a recent solution to
the Foldit server. Maybe if you're lucky,
someone like agcohn821, joshmiller, or bkoep
can find your lost solution(s) on the server
and put them where you can access them, as
if you shared them with yourself or with
the scientists.

I hope this helps.
Good luck!

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thanks jeff101 that got me back to were I was.


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