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Second post : observation on High death rate of over 55 years of age ... existing collection of degraded /damaged cells (sleeping/ hidden) in pre existing- most undiagnosed- conditions in respiratory/nasal system where the infection of novel Coronavirus exacerbates and activates these sleeper cells as the RNA is similar and accepted and the surge into the lungs is quick and aggressive ...inflammation is severe at this point and oxygen in the bloodstream is depleted and ventilation this age bracket it has to be a stepped approach... once admitted into ICU administer the tuberculosis drug and high oxygenated blood transfusion (platelets)rather than the high atmospheric pressure and fast breaths of the ventilation that will add to the already inflamed air sacs in the lungs and at this stage unlikely to recover....
A study of the lungs in deceased patients over 55 years will see if the CoVid-19 infection does activate the older family strains of Coronavirus that has been around for ages yet not life threatening until this new infection is introduced
Thus brings me back to my earlier premise that there is a well disguised “ poison arrow” in this protein spike that is parasitic in nature and releases “it’s marker enzyme/receptors to create the clusters and Marshall its armies as it disables/ tricks the immune system to co host the inhabitation of the lungs in the main. Any immunity / white cells are destroyed by the strengthened strain of Coronavirus if it tries to fight back.
Combo of the study of the lung dissection- cell count , mixture of any antibodies extracted from people surviving the CoVid-19 and see if any existing anti fungal/ parasitic therapies can be integrated into a possible vaccine.
That’s my 5 cents worth of observation


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