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Hi all,

When I try to upload a po file to test, using "Test Client Translation" option, it returns the following error:

Your .po file has errors. Remove it, fix it and upload again.
sh: 1: msgfmt: not found

But the translation file is working locally with no errors.

P.S.: The same error appears when I try to upload a new translation on this link (or try to create a new page without file, but with external link to download it):


How to solve it?


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edit: attach your PO file to the feedback

My previous suggestion was incorrect.

I opened a feedback Upload of .po translation file not working.

Rename your foldit.xx.po to foldit.xx.po.txt, then use the browse and attach buttons to add it in a reply to the feedback.

I'm seeing the same error with a .po file I created using Poedit, so there's definitely an issue.

Also, I've updated the Translating Foldit page on the wiki.

Unfortunately, there are lots of old problem reports regarding translation in the feedback area. Apparently, not all messages can be translated, and there are character set and other issues for languages like Chinese, Japanese, and Korean. These problems date back to at least 2012, as indicated by the comments on the "Translating Foldit" page.

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I was able to load socramdm's translation into Foldit.

See this feedback reply for instructions.

You'll find the translation file in a earlier reply to the same feedback.

I'll put the instructions on a wiki page next.

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Detailed workaround....

See Portuguese translation on the Foldit wiki for instructions on how to install the translation manually.

socramdm used the language code "pt_BR", or Brazilian Portuguese, and Foldit is smart enough to display a Brazilian flag.


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