Foldit Lab Report #7: Quarantine Edition

Can the Foldit team record an entire Lab Report with nothing but a webcam? Watch this brief update to find out!

- Forget game play — Foldit is gettin' automated! (0:21)
- Coronavirus puzzles (1:14)
- Testing coronavirus binder solutions (2:08)
Look inside the lab:

- Here's what's new this month (2:36)

- A great coronavirus binder by player stomjoh (3:12)

- We recently posted two helpful new videos! (3:55)
1) Tutorial Speedrun
2) CoV Binder Design

(Wed, 04/01/2020 - 13:54  |  4 comments)
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Suggestions for improving your gameplay

Hi just putting forward suggestions to improve gameplaying - seems that there is no "middle-ground" tutorials (or if there are its hard to find). The two suggestions above either are to fast or "basic" while the other one is information overload.

Also by the time you have done all the intro puzzles you've forgotten what you have done and what was what.

Perhaps create "general" tutorials and intro puzzles that everyday people can follow relating to the exact science puzzle i.e. one just for covid-19, one for docking design etc etc.

The tutorials should show what are the best steps/processes to follow i.e. what you would like us to be doing/should be doing. Some of us just what to get things done without all the technical/educational background! "Just do it" as they say :-)

I hope my suggestions make sense and I understand my English expression is not the greatest, but I hope this may help new users like me.

All the best!

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Thanks for the feedback

Thanks ObeKelly, we're actually working on this now!

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Tips & Videos for new players:

New players should start with the Intro/Tutorial Puzzles.
They introduce the many tools you need for playing Foldit.
See for tips
and videos about these puzzles.

After doing the Intro/Tutorial Puzzles, do as many
Beginner Puzzles as you can. These puzzles are set aside
for new players, so you can rank better on them than you
would the regular Science Puzzles. The link below:
has tips for the Beginner Puzzles.

You can also post questions and screenshots to Global Chat.
Usually more experienced players are there and will help you.

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Thank you!

Hi ObeKelly! Thank you so much for the suggestion--I have passed it along.

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