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1810: Revisiting Puzzle 96: Collagen
Status: Closed


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hey, collagen, man!
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Why no ppg repeats?

about poly-proline helix puzzles got
me curious about this puzzle. Isn't
collagen supposed to have 3 strands of
ppg repeats with the poly-proline helix
structure? Meanwhile, this puzzle has
one strand of 55 amino acids, just 2
prolines, and only 6 glycines. Is this
puzzle really collagen? Please explain.

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You're right! This puzzle is not actually collagen, but a protein that helps make it in the human body. It is extremely important, and a lack of it has been connected to a number of muscular and connective tissue disorders. The form of collagen for the poly-proline helix puzzles is real human collagen, based on the PDB 1bkv, which does (for the most part) maintain the PPG motif.

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