Frame loss with remix tool

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I was going through the intro levels, but one level stood out because it was almost unplayable for me. It was the Remix level under "Tools and Types" of the tutorial levels. The guide prompted me to bring up the tool. When I did, I noticed major frame loss. The performance would continue like that until I "stopped" the remix tool. The issue would come up again if I reactivated the remix tool. I was able to use the buttons that came up when the remix tool was activated, so it seems that it functions as intended.

With the help of global chat, I restarted the client a couple of times and checked graphics settings on my computer, but these solutions did not work.

I did find myself using the remix tool on another level where it was allowed, and I had the same experience. I do not remember the level however.

My computer specs are as follows:
OS: Win 10
Processor: Intel i7-8750H
The laptop I use is an MSI Stealth.

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Update: It seems that the game experiences frame loss whenever I use the remix tool in any level.


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