Mark locked segs in blueprint

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It's confusing for newbies and some vets (looks around sheepishly) that the locked segs in the blueprint look just like the unlocked ones on a puzzle like corona, but dropping a building block on them does nothing. (A message says they are locked, but knowing to scroll right to find the unlocked ones might not occur to new players.) It might be helpful if they were partially gray to match the locked part of the puzzle. Or if the blueprint opened centered on the unlocked segs, or something.

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Hey Susume!

Hey Susume--thanks for sending this along!

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OK I just realized there is a way to see this. In blueprint, uncheck the checkbox for ABEGO colors, and you will see the row of letters with colors that match the protein. The parts of the protein that are gray (locked) are also gray in the blueprint tool, so you can tell where the changeable parts are.


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