Foldit Lab Report #6: Coronavirus puzzle

Check out Foldit Lab Report #6 on YouTube now!

We've got a bunch of new puzzles this month — and some exciting tools coming soon!

• Looking at electron density in Foldit is about to get a whooole lot easier (0:31)
• With the new BUNS tool, your solutions should be better behaved in the lab (2:18)

• More poly-proline helix design (3:50)
• CRISPR/Cas transposase (4:02)
• Aflatoxin prediction (4:28)
• Coronavirus spike-binder design (5:20)
• Return of sketchbooks — this time symmetric (6:10)

You can still fill out the username sharing form to let us know you're okay with public recognition!

(Sun, 03/01/2020 - 17:09  |  5 comments)
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Quality of Life!

Big, big props to the software devs. They're already starting to peel back the curtain of UI unclarity to the benefit of players trying to grapple with it's rougher side. I hope we see more work from them soon.

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If i understand correct, BUNS score will be just as adding score in some puzzles. Will you insert them into visual UI settings? So even without score i still can try make them (like sulfur links, for example).

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Good question!

Hey Keresto! Great question--I'll send that over to the team!

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There will be a visual representation of these atoms in addition to a score change. We will implement them as a view option independent of the filter pretty soon.

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