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1797: CRISPR-Cas Transposase Part II: Electron Density
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Weird density

The density on this one is in strange flat layers, like it's been skewed somehow. The parts that do look kinda helixy also look like they have been squashed diagonally.

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High flexibility

That's a problem with cryo-EM. It looks like the transposase is very flexible in the overall map of the CRISPR complex. In the corresponding paper, they write, that they have improved the density by masked refinement, but did not publish the map...

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Do we see only half the density to fit half the protein, or do we get the whole cloud ?

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Half cloud

The density here is only half of the transposase density, corresponding to this half of the transposase sequence.

(Puzzle 1794 included the other half of the density, with the other half of the sequence.)

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Puzzle for advanced players

I've the impression that this one is not for advanced players but only for future Nobel prices ;)

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Sequels to 1784/1794 and 1787/1797 puzzle series

If you make sequels to the puzzle series 1784/1794 or 1787/1797,
please let solutions from all previous puzzles in each series
work in their sequels too. If you give us different ED Clouds,
please keep the same coordinates so that if we positioned protein
parts correctly in the previous puzzles, we won't have to adjust
them in the sequels. Please also copy all ED dots from 1794 and
1797 solutions into these puzzles' sequels so that we won't have
to lay out all these ED dots again.


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We'll do our best!

We'll be sure to allow sharing in sequel puzzles so that you can continue with your previous work! I'm not sure if the ED dots can be transferred from puzzle to puzzle...

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