Foldit Lab Report #5: New software dev

Check out Foldit Lab Report #5 on YouTube now!

- This month we welcome Henry! (aka milkshake)
- Check the Foldit blog for an update on DeepMind's AlphaFold

- New poly-proline helix tools are on the way
- Introducing a CRISPR puzzle
- Ever more symmetric designs
- Can you make the next top TIM?

- silent gene created another great symmetric design

(Sat, 02/01/2020 - 20:31  |  5 comments)
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Welcome milkshake and it's

Welcome milkshake and it's great that there are more resources for Foldit. Can I suggest though that it would be best to prioritize fixing some of the existing bugs rather than working on new features?

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Hi spvincent, thanks for the welcome! Yes, I'm still getting up to speed but I'm currently aware of bugs with scoreboards, and fixing them is a high priority for us. If there are any other bugs you'd like to request move up on our priority list, please shoot me a private message! Thanks again and happy folding.

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Welkom milkshake

and I suggest you to read the Feedbacks instead of relying on PMs for suggestions.

The number of votes and comments give you an idea of the popularity of the feedback (from an user's perspective).

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a suggestion (from Susume)

Welcome, milkshake, and we've got a suggestion.

As noted in this feedback, there's a problem with parameter checking in the Foldit library. Specifying a bad segment number now crashes the client. Some time back, it used to issue an error which tended to terminate the recipe, not the client. The problem likely affects an Foldit function that takes a segment number.

We're not sure when this started, but it's sometime in the last three years.

Over in Discord, Susume kindly suggested that this issue might be a way for you to get warmed up before tackling ED.

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Thanks Loci!

Hey there! Thanks so much for this suggestion Loci!

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