Memory leak in client 20191029-32048a6a12-win_x86

Case number:845829-2008350
Opened by:Bletchley Park
Opened on:Saturday, November 30, 2019 - 14:55
Last modified:Thursday, December 5, 2019 - 05:55

Client: 20191029-32048a6a12-win_x86

Load puzzle: 1766: 590.064 Kb
save the current solution as test: 591.592 Kb
load solution test: 615.264 Kb
load solution test: 633.616 Kb
load solution test: 643.092 Kb
load solution test: 651.012 Kb
load solution test: 662.380 Kb

save current as quicksave 1: 664.228 Kb
load current from quicksave 1: 671.476 Kb
load current from quicksave 1: 681.388 Kb
repeat another 10x
load current from quicksave 1: 776.688 Kb
another 10x
load current from quicksave 1: 872.144 Kb

After some time, the client reaches 1384.985 Kb
one shake adds 50.000 Kb,
wiggle ads another 50.000 Kb.
Eventually this will crash the client around 1.8 Gb.

No other processing took place.
Clearly a memory leak. Please solve asap and repost puzzle 1766 soon.


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Same problem here with windows.

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See also crashes on puzzle 1766 TIM barrel redesign.

Just adding this code near the start of a recipe may be beneficial:

undo.SetUndo ( false )

On 1766, it seems to eliminate the crashes, limiting "peak private bytes" to a more reasonable value. (Relatively speaking.)

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Thank you for that suggestion and your experimentation regarding your feedback Loci !


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