banding invalid atoms crashes client

Case number:845829-2008224
Opened by:LociOiling
Opened on:Sunday, October 20, 2019 - 20:25
Last modified:Tuesday, October 22, 2019 - 02:18

The call band.AddBetweenSegments can crash the client if the atom numbers are invalid. The expected behavior is to terminate the recipe, not the client.

The crash doesn't produce any log.txt messages or any other useful info.

The recipe band_1747_wacky_atoms_crasher demonstrates the problem on puzzle 1747. The recipe first adds three normal bands between the cysteines at 24 and 40.

The recipe then crashes the client when it attempts to add a fourth band between 24 and 40 with invalid atom numbers.

While there's no real excuse for using invalid atom numbers, this type of error shouldn't cause a crash. There's always a slight chance that fixing the underlying problem will fix some other problems as well.

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On the latest devprev, 20190822-2e2a2f9739-win_x86-devprev, included an unrelated change to band.AddBetweenSegments. The function still crashes on invalid atom numbers.


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