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I guess this question/issue would be for the dev team... I created an account and am able to log in on the website but when I try to play on the desktop application I get the same login error every time which seemingly has no legit fix.
I am getting the error "SSL Connect Error: Error While Fetching https://fold.it/portal/comm/whoami_csv:..." the … being where I cannot see if there is more error or not.

I do not skip the updates even though I just downloaded the application. I have nothing in the proxy settings on my computer. Please help me get this situated because I am really really interested in this, Biochem is what I want to major in and I think this is an awesome idea and I have always wanted to do something as a citizen scientist.

My login is Ciocalesku, email is the same @gmail.com. I attached a screenshot of the issue.

Thank you for your time and help!

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Sorry for the delayed response! This is a strange bug—especially since you can log into the website from your browser.

Can you double check that the Foldit app you're running is the same one you just downloaded? I see that your account was started in 2011; if you are running a version of the Foldit app from back then, you might see this issue. But if you just downloaded Foldit, then I'm at a loss (maybe a bug in your system's version of cURL?). If you haven't already tried, I would definitely recommend uninstalling and re-installing Foldit.

Can you tell me what operating system and version you're using?


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