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Hey all,

Northeastern University researchers are conducting a survey to learn about how to make better citizen science games. To take this survey, visit . Thank you for supporting our research!
This survey will only take 15 minutes, and filling it out would be hugely helpful to us, especially if you're new to the citizen science scene!

You can also fill out the survey for other citizen science games if you play games like EyeWire or EteRNA!
If you already filled out the gameplay survey earlier this year, you don't need to fill it out again, but there are some new questions if you have the time!

Many thanks!

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A bug in the survey?


On question "For each statement, please select how many puzzles you've played that the statement applies to"

there are 6 colons and 8 questions but only one response per colon is allowed => I'm stiffed, just like in a puzzle end game.

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Hi Bruno,For that question,

Hi Bruno,

For that question, you may respond with the same column response in multiple rows. I will make that clearer for that question, thanks for the feedback. (The "one column per row" only applied to the previous question)

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So that any person could help

So that any person could help science it must be
1) a web page that opens on any Html5 device
2) no registration or simplified registration
3) if we are talking about fold it - that is, rama map - this function can be transferred to the browser. because protein atoms are just dots.
the user will intuitively move the points of atoms, hoping to get more points.

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I disagree.

The Ramachandran map is one of the most abstract and least intuitive things in Foldit and is about the last thing I'd be fascinated by. And this is coming from someone who knows what it even is in the first place.

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Citizen Science Funding to Top Ten Groups

it's well overdue, and would be acceptance of the value we bring and generate for you and your partners etc.

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