New Release!

Hey everyone,

We've just release a new update to the game with the following fixes and changes:

* Certain puzzles may now have some filters only applied to part of the protein (such as designing binders).

Bug Fixes:
* Fixed a minimization issue on Mac.
* Fixed a handle leak on Windows.
* Links to the new wiki should once again work.
* Fixed a number of threading issues that may have been causing hangs or crashes.
* Fixed a crash when stopping Pick Sidechains.

As always, a big thanks to our testers in the developer preview for helping spot bugs!

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I'll go post a bug report in

I'll go post a bug report in Feedback, but with the new update, I have had 2 GUI recipes that use "by stride" fail.

Mutate by stride, and freeze by stride. I click "Run" and they immediately "ding!" and stop.

Download links:
  Windows    OSX    Linux  
(10.12 or later)

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