Kicked from group chat

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Opened by:Steven Pletsch
Opened on:Saturday, December 15, 2018 - 08:02
Last modified:Tuesday, March 3, 2020 - 07:55

When logging in the group chat window says "You have been kicked" if I open a second client and hit the reconnect button it tries to reconnect then displays the same message, any suggestions ?

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Try this:
Close all clients.
On foldit web page, choose My Page, Edit, IRC, Give me a new IRC key, Save.
Open new client.

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tried it, thank you for the suggestion, but still kicking me.

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Still no resolution on this ?

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U R not the first - nor will U be the last to suffer from the chat issues here. they are a joke - have been for a long time.

Best we can do is laugh! Not helpful - but, unfortunately true :(

Perhaps it's felt that such issues are useful to the game.

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It is still not working, can't get into group chat, neither can other member in group.

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Well, i think i figured it out. There does not appear to be an IRC channel assigned to the group.

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Think you may be right, the /LIST command from IceChat gives only 13 channels:

#global : 58 : [+nt] 
#foldit@netherlands : 1 : [+nt] 
#goscience : 9 : [+nt] 
#ops : 4 : [+nt] 
#l'alliancefrancophone : 1 : [+nt] 
#gargleblasters : 1 : [+nt] 
#betafolders : 7 : [+nt] : 1 : [+nt] 
#marvins_bunch : 3 : [+nt] 
#veteran : 52 : [+nt] 
#voidcrushers : 1 : [+nt] 
#anthropicdreams : 8 : [+nt] 
#contenders : 2 : [+nt] 

I was puzzled by, but it turns out there's a group of that name, with a long history, dating back to 2008, but only versat82 is actively playing.

The rules for naming a group channel seem to vary a bit. Everybody loses upper case and spaces. "Marvin's bunch" lost a possessive apostrophe but gained an underscore to replace a space, to become #marvins_bunch. "L'Alliance Francophone" kept its apostrophe, but lost a space to become #l'alliancefrancophone". Seems like there's a human touch in the group channel naming process.

(Edit: #global *does* show up, but IceChat didn't include it in its text file export, a bug.)

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Just for reference, there are 14 groups active on puzzle 1797 at the moment. Hold My Beer, Hun-Magyar Csapat, Russian Team, and DSN @ Home don't have channels.

Zooming out a little, there are 53 groups with global points at the moment, meaning someone from each group has at least opened a puzzle in the last 120 days. Obviously, we're way short on channels there, but then, there are over 2,500 groups in total.

So it turns out this group channel thing is another Foldit mystery. Either channels aren't persistent, or we've misplaced a ton of them.

Here are the results scraped from the groups section of puzzle 1797, and matched with the /WHO list in my IceChat:

Go Science - #goscience
Beta Folders - #betafolders
Gargleblasters - #gargleblasters
Marvin's bunch - #marvins_bunch
L'Alliance Francophone - #l'alliancefrancophone
Hold My Beer - NO CHANNEL
Anthropic Dreams - #anthropicdreams
Hun-Magyar Csapat - NO CHANNEL
Contenders - #contenders
FoldIt@Netherlands - #foldit@netherlands
Void Crushers - #voidcrushers -
Russian team - NO CHANNEL
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I think the group channel will only show in list if a person is logged in for a given team ? not sure. there are a lot of groups that are inactive that dont show. on the group page i tried to get our irc channel to connect manually, and it is listed as simply #

isuspect the issue is in creating the channels when new teams are formed.

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Is it working again now, Steven?

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It is ! Thank you so much !

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I'm curious what solved the problem. Would one of
you please post what you did to fix the problem?
Odds are other players would like to know too.


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We just reset the IRC channel name for the group.

I don't think players have access to this setting. If other groups are seeing similar problems, please send me a private message and I'll take a look!

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working good, can close now, thank you for the help


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