Pins feature could be more user friendly

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Opened on:Wednesday, October 17, 2018 - 17:25
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When I place a cut in the protein, the pin for the newly cut section always gets added to the end farthest away from where I am working, and I have to go chase it down and bring it back to the segments I am currently working on. It would be more useful if the new pin would stay on the freshly cut segment, since that is where the user's attention and the camera focus both are. Scrolling 100+ segments of extended chain across the screen in both directions to fetch and bring a pin back gets old pretty quick.

Could this default behavior be changed? Alternatively, could you give us a way to instantly move the relevant pin to the currently selected AA (or the right-clicked AA, in original interface)?

By the way, is anyone else using pins? I find them extremely useful for ED puzzles.

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OK nevermind, I just discovered if I freeze the segment I just cut and then start moving things around with the rama map, that the pin jumps to the frozen segment. Perfect.


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