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I am an instructor and I have assigned the introductory puzzles to my students. They are all reporting that their progress is not being saved as they work through the puzzles, that every time they log back on, it says they haven't completed any puzzles. Is this a known bug? Thanks.

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As far as I know, this is something new. There are at least a couple of things you could check.

First, are the students using shared computers? Progress on the intro puzzles does get recorded on the Foldit server, but there seems to be a local component too. If you haven't already, try completing some intros, logging out, and logging in again on the same computer.

Players earn Foldit Achievements each time they complete a group of intro puzzles, for example there are "Sidechain" and "Backbone Packing" achievements. Achievements are definitely recorded on the server. Go to Menu -> Main Menu to see the grouping, and check the player pages on to see if they're being recorded.

Otherwise, there's always the possibility of a network firewall issue. Foldit includes an IRC component that some firewalls find objectionable. Can you access Foldit chat via the Chat - Global dropdown? (Just say "hi", it's often pretty quiet.) In addition to chat, IRC is used for some additional functions, so it might be a source of the problem.

One more thing to try is one of the beginner puzzles. Go to Menu -> Puzzle Menu, then click "Main Menu". Select "Science Puzzles", then pick one of the six beginner puzzles. Just shake and wiggle a bit to change the score, then log out. You should be able to see your score reflected at, under Puzzles in the banner. (You can also open the puzzle page from the game by clicking on the puzzle name in the top center of the screen.)

I'll do a little more digging as well....

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One question for DrD04K, I see you have a BI110_FA16 group that's not active, looks like it's from 2016. Are the current students in a group?

I see you have other groups, such as BI110A_FA16, when I search using "BI110" on the groups page. The other groups don't seem to have any players. Not sure if that has anything to do with the issues you're seeing, but it's a little unusual.


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