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Quite a while ago we tested and began using the technique of making View settings minimal, e.g. View:Line, View Color: Hydro, Deselecting anything that had been selected, View Sidechains: Don't Show (Fast), to increase the speed by minimizing the work of drawing the protein while a recipe is running. Then, the entire protein image is moved off-screen to further minimize the work the CPU does while running a recipe.

Suggestion: Have a View setting which does all of this in one selection, turning off everything that is graphics related and might use CPU cycles to draw something. The goal is to minimize the work that is not productive. At then end of a recipe, a drawing can be made and this setting deselected.


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I don't know if you are on mac or pc.

For info: on pc, you can achieve that effect by minimizing the client without changing any of the view settings or moving the protein off-screen.

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Wow, I never tried that. I'm on Mac and I can minimize the entire client down to the three red-yellow-green buttons. Has anyone done a test to see if this, indeed, helps speed things along? Thanks Bertro.

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If this suggestion is implemented, I would like to be able to switch the graphics on & off while a recipe is running, not just when Foldit is between recipes.

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jflat will have to give the most correct answer for recent clients. He's what I remember.

There are usually 2 threads, one for rosetta calculations and one for drawing. On linux/osx, if you minimize the client, the the drawing thread does nothing and the calculation thread continues.

I think this is now also true for Windows. However, on older versions, scripts, particularly GUI scripts, would stop while the screen was minimized. I think they fixed that.

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Also, there was the ridiculous situation where all the animations, particularly the void popping, would be saved up until you restored the window. So you had to turn off voids and exposeds before minimizing.

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I tried the following experiment using Gary Rebuild Worst 3.1 since it does is exactly the same thing every time it is run from the same starting point.

I start two separate tracks, with identical protein in identical starting position.

In one I use VIEW menu to open every possible graphic feature that I can think of that might slow it down. I check every box, I select Hydro/Score+CPK, Cartoon, Show All. I do not select Hide GUI.

With the other track I deselect everything and minimize window to absolute minimum as bertro suggested.

I start both together and stop both after 1 hour.

There was a 7% increase in speed with track 2 where everything is minimized including the window.

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Don't ask me why:

-on Linux (Ubunto 16), if I change session (user), all scripts stop running. If I simply unlog (leaving the session active) scripts continue running but it seems slower (I didn't measure).

-on Mac and Windows, minimizing everything and the views accelerates the performance as proved by phi16. (so: I do the same on Linux but I didn't test the effect).


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