[Scoring] Hand folding caused my score to leap to #2 on 1501

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Opened on:Wednesday, March 28, 2018 - 21:40
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I have repeated the same bug I bumped into last week, apparently because I was using the same idea of manually trying to reproduce the Band and Wiggle kind of Worm script that exists in the recipes.

I started out yesterday doing what I like to do for the beginning of a puzzle with Wiggle Power set to "Low", and after awhile I had moved my score into the low 9200's.

I decided to move the Wiggle Power to "High" and then add a few bands with 0.5 band strength.

I simply started a wiggle using the "W" key. While the wiggle is ongoing and the bands had been working for awhile I use the "D" key to disable the bands. I watch the score increase as the effect of no enabled bands allows the protein to grow again.

Then at some point, I Enable the bands again then Disable them again - repeatedly, until at some point I press the "R" key to remove the bands and let things settle down.

I have noted other players getting the same kind of score increase that moves them to the top of the leader list. If you need help reproducing this bug, I believe I can do it again for the 3rd time. But, I have begun to lose interest in Fold It due the severity of this bug. I can not restart and play the puzzle normally unless I create another username, which is frowned on.

Such is life.

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I forgot to include:
Saving adds the puzzle "state" prior to the increase in score.
In the Menu choices to see the "Open/Share Solutions" there is a new entry with the higher score, but it is the same solution listed as "Saved by RockOn"...yet it has the lower score as mentioned above.

While I was in the process of using the "D" and "R" key during a wiggle I was watching the changing score displayed at the top and centered in the game are, it did not show an increase in points from when I began the entire process being described. Definitely, it did not show an increase to my score being displayed in the "Soloist Competition."

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Weird! You say you ran into this problem last week, as well. Was that in Puzzle 1498, with high power wiggle? Is there any chance you can reproduce this with a single action or a recipe? What operating system are you running?

Just to clarify your comment above: You're saying that you never saw the high score (10,332) in the score panel at the top of your screen? You only see this high score in the rankings in the upper-right corner?

I'm having trouble finding your "high scoring" solution on our servers. (Digging into this, I have found a few problematic solutions from other players, which score differently on our servers than they did in the player's client). Can you "Share with Scientists" the saved solution that is listed with the higher score?

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Yes, puzzle 1498 was the 1st. time I saw the issue.
Yes, High Wiggle Power.
Windows 10 with all updates applied.
Correct, the high score has not appeared in the score panel only in the Rankings.
Yes, I'll use the "Share with Scientists" for the solution titled with the high score.

Steps To Reproduce:
After placing a few bands then I can try the single action which would consist of at least 4 steps:
1. Press the "w" key
2. Press the "d" key
3. Press the "d" key
4. Press the "r" key

Note: step 2 and 3 are repeated (as fast as you can type "d") until Ranking score changed. It took less than 5 minutes to reproduce.


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