Experimental -issue with cut

Case number:699969-2004793
Opened by:robgee
Opened on:Friday, February 9, 2018 - 22:48
Last modified:Tuesday, February 13, 2018 - 04:40

On Puzzle [EXPERIMENTAL] Symmetric Dimer Design: HBond Networks.

The cut tool makes an addtional blue cut, offset to the actual protein.
Using recipe 'Cut And Wiggle Everything v1.3'
[http://fold.it/portal/recipe/48890] will cause a crash.
Windows 10

(Fri, 02/09/2018 - 22:48  |  2 comments)

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If you turn on "show symmetric chains" in view menu, you will (hopefully) find that the formerly disembodied cut is now in the appropriate place in the shadow protein.

In experimental build, Show symmetric chains is no longer checked by default in view menu, which could lead to some confusion.

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I'm also seeing crashes on the [EXPERIMENTAL] Symmetric Dimer Design: HBond Networks puzzle when I wiggle with open cutpoints.

Oddly, when I restart after a crash, and wiggle with the leftover cutpoints, there's no crash. If I close the leftover cutpoints and open new ones and wiggle, a crash occurs.

Here's a debug.txt:

version: 1
"build_id" : "20180201-4a85d87f46-win_x86-experimental"
"crash_id" : "d1869f7c-a314-4a6d-a5ce-1c83dfb36094"
"current_actions" : "MacroScriptRunnerAction\,ActionGlobalMinimize"
"current_tool" : "Selection Interface"
"file" : "interactive/application/actions/cart/PoseLoopThreadActionCart.cc:464"
"machine_id" : "7f76b58e-9113-4be7-b855-1bb3cbcfead4"
"macro_id" : "201418"
"message" : "asymmetry introduced by ActionGlobalMinimize"
"player_id" : "476462"
"puzzle_id" : "2004783"
"puzzle_running_time" : "84"
"running_time" : "7092.88"
"timestamp" : "1518481681"
verify: 811c4f9cf4db166bee185f599f1a595e


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